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About Us

Immediate Payment Solutions believes in old fashioned customer service and whenever possible, we like to deal with our customers face-to-face.

With over 18 years experience in the payment solutions business we can offer a number of different services giving our customers the flexibility of choice that our competitors cannot provide.

Your needs, and those of your end users, are unique. What sets us apart from our competitors' is that Immediate Payment Solutions provides you the "Turn-key" solution to the Direct Payment Processing needs(Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH) that banking institutions, and those of our competitors are not providing (cannot provide). We provide a web-based system. We can provide your company with a hybrid and mix of all three systems.

Think of us as your outsourced Credit Card/ACH processing company, front-end originator and back-end processor with our own consortium of processing banks.

Our Core Competencies:

Support - We nurture long-term relationships with personalized support long after a system has been implemented. We are innovators in the industry and are particularly responsive to our customer's needs. We provide the best customer service available. Every aspect of our business from our low-key sales approach, to our toll-free phone number, to our 60-day money back guarantee and to our friendly personalized service points towards the fact that your welfare is paramount to us. We do more than sell software� we provide solutions.

We offer custom programming, so that applications can be tailored to precise requirements. As with our production software, we emphasize ease-of-use and power systems that will operate at maximum ability in your environment.

Suffice it to say that whatever needs you and your clients may have, we can provide cost effective, timely and completely workable solutions.

We are confident our products and services are the best on the market. Now, let us compete on price. Call us at 317.490.4768

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